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The Center for Addiction Medicine is compassionate about patient recovery.  If you suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, it will kill you.  The only chance you have of recovery is to get help.  We are here to help you help yourself, every step of the way.

Test Your Knowledge

Did you know that drug abuse often leads to addiction? What is addiction?  Addiction is a disease that interferes with normal brain function. Drug addiction creates feelings of pleasure.  However, they also have long-term effects on brain activity and metabolism that causes changes that can turn drug abuse into addiction.  Treatment for drug addiction is necessary to end compulsive cravings and usage/abuse. 

Did you know that detox (detoxification) from drugs or alcohol can be very harmful and should always be done under medical supervision?  Severe consequences, such as nausea, anxiety, seizure, hallucinations, high blood pressure can result from withdrawal.  Medical assistance provides medications to lessen or control these symptoms. 

You can lead a normal life after receiving treatment for substance abuse.  Sometimes, you just need a little help.  That's were the Center for Addiction Medicine comes in.  We provide the services you need to get started and reach your goal of recovery.  

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